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Ecovibe Toilet Cleaner (Refill Only)

Ecovibe Toilet Cleaner (Refill Only)

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  • Powerful concentrated eco-friendly toilet cleaner
  • Just pop this refill into an old bottle and add water to start cleaning
  • Newly developed eco cleaner without the need for bleach
  • Add water and shake to use
  • Removes tough limescale, stains, and bacteria
  • Concentrated cleaning technology 
  • Refill and reuse - no need for more plastic
  • Non-toxic to you and the environment 
  • Bleach-free but just as strong
  • Ocean Fresh Scent
  • Septic tank safe


It's as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Place the toilet sachet in a clean bottle.

2. Add 500ml of water (the EcoVibe bottle for life, is 500ml).

3. Shake vigorously, and leave for at least 2 hours to blend and thicken.

Squirt the product within the toilet bowl and under the rim. Leave the product for 10 minutes, use a toilet brush if a scrub is needed, flush and go!

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